What They’re Saying

George Antonakos, CEO & Co-founder EVOL Spirits Co.

“My manager gave me an advance copy of ‘The Patrón Way’ as we were starting up EVOL Spirits Co. Without Ms. Edelstein’s insight and practical tips as to what was involved in creating Patrón, we would’ve been even more clueless and nowhere near the level of achievement we are at today.”

The Patron Way by Ilana Edelstein

Mim Eichler Rivas, Best-selling author/co-author of “The Pursuit of Happiness” with Chris Gardner, “Finding Fish” with Antwone Fisher, and “Beautiful Jim Key,” soon to be a major motion picture.

“Ilana Edelstein, the inspirational woman behind the brand that grew from improbable fantasy to become the world’s most beloved tequila, has written a ground-breaking business memoir that reads like a high-stakes thriller. In this rags-to-riches saga of how Patrón was first discovered in a remote Mexican field of blue agave and then turned into a billion-dollar enterprise that reinvented an industry, Edelstein’s clear-eyed chronicle gives us both a cautionary tale for all dreamers and an extraordinary playbook for business success.”

The Patron Way by Ilana Edelstein

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