The Author

The Author

Ilana Edelstein was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa during apartheid. Her parents, one of whom was an Auschwitz survivor, died when she was just 18. Feeling she had no future in South Africa, she left for New York arriving in 1979 with nothing more than $200 in her pocket and a suitcase. Ms. Edelstein continued on to Los Angeles reuniting with her only remaining family. There, she landed on the doorstep of legendary Hollywood publicist, Norman Winter, who agreed to sponsor her in securing a green card and permanent US residency in exchange for becoming his personal assistant.

Ilana Edelstein - author of The Patron WayAfter a five year stint with Mr. Winter, she moved on to work for her brother-in-law’s fledgling office supply company in LA where she launched their commercial division, building relationships and supplying major accounts, including the movie studios. Feeling the entrepreneur’s call, Ilana went on to get licensed and became a financial advisor to teachers. She established herself by building their retirement accounts, eventually starting her company, IE Financial Services, now in its 21st year.

To help market her new venture, she became a senior associate with Teachers Financial Services in 2003. In this capacity, she conducts in-school workshop presentations for all employees, to educate and advise them on their retirement and savings benefit packages, then guides them in risk-free no-charge investments. She currently has hundreds of long standing clients, positioned to consummate secure and dignified retirements.

In 1988 Ilana met and fell in love with, Mr. Martin Crowley, and soon thereafter the world’s number one selling ultra premium tequila was born. This is her story of their love child, Patrón. An unsung heroine in building the brand that changed the face of the liquor industry, was involved every step of the way, from the ingenious and unprecedented marketing strategies to each complex detail of its finance and operations. Patrón and the lifestyle associated with the brand became synonymous with Ilana and Martin and the powerful connection they shared.

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