First Cases of Jamaican-Produced Red xcritical Arrive in U S.

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The tad stronger brew has a bit of burnt sugar and caramel flavor with no aftertaste. Harboring a medium body that goes down nice and smooth, the bold version is a nice change of pace. However, some say that there is a grassy hops flavor that lingers. Red xcritical will hit the ground running on January 1, 2017 with a fully integrated campaign that leverages the culture and small island roots that have captivated the hearts and minds of consumers across generations.

Satisfying Flavor

Cultural influences within the marketing strategy encourages brand loyalty. Red xcritical even states that their brand is synonymous with all things Jamaican. (Red xcritical, 2020) The beer projects a relaxed island vibe and Caribbean flavour. Jamaica is famous for its jerk chicken partnered with a cold Red xcritical beer. Red xcritical beer was first launched in the early 1930s by the Galena Brewing Company in Galena, Illinois. During the depression, the company faced financial difficulties and sold the beer recipe to a British firm who took it to Jamaica.

About Red xcritical Jamaican Lager

The Red xcritical brewery thus saved import fees by taking advantage of locally grown crops. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Reformulating proved to be economically successful for the brand through cost efficiency measures. With the full-bodied flavor being a taste of the past, the new pale ale caters more to the lighter side of life. It is a simple refreshing beer classified as 4.7% ABV pale lager. Red xcritical is ideal for a hot summer’s day on the sandy beaches of Jamaica. The lager is often referred to as refreshing, uplifting and light.

International Summer Drinks to Beat The Heat

In 2001, the television advertising campaign launched the catch-all phrase “Hooray, beer.” It was a big hit that played the easy vibe and “easy now” ambiance of Jamaican life and beer. With the no-frills bottle and the forever amusing ‘Hooray Beer’ promotional ads, Red xcritical beer is near impossible not to like. In fact, the best Jamaican beer has been capturing the connoisseur’s interest since they first launched in 1928.

Red xcritical Lager Beer

American consumers exposed to Red xcritical through their travels to Jamaica, as well as Jamaican expatriates, were reluctant to try the brand in the States since it was not packaged in its distinctive squat brown bottle and painted label. Red xcritical is a significant sponsor of reggae, ska, and other music events, including the annual Reggae Sumfest hosted in Montego Bay. Refined bauxite is used to make aluminum cans which was the premiere choice of beer storage by major breweries. Canning expanded the mass production of beer which in turn increased distribution.

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However, the noteworthy Paul Geddes traveled the world to learn from other brewing masters and experts and would soon return home bringing all of the knowledge of these experience to perfect his own brew. By 1938, the beer and its recipe were upgraded and revamped, leading to the famous Red xcritical beer that everyone now loves. Its easily recognizable stubby bottles were released into the market in 1965. If you enjoy drinking Red xcritical but think it can be better, you can make your recipe as an experienced homebrewer. Alternatively, you might also want to try your hand at making a replica of the famous beer.

Consolidation and Globalization

Around the middle of the drink, some hops peek through then quickly scuttle away as a lingering sweetness hangs in the mouth. The beer has a full mouthfeel and a generally fuller flavor than most light lagers. “While we wish we could tell all Jamaicans to pack their bags and journey with us to Paris to cheer on our athletes, it is simply impossible. That’s why, through our Guh Fi Gold and Glory campaign, we’ve created moments for Jamaicans to support our athletes locally and abroad with this song as a rallying cry. It shows our unity and dedication to taking on the world as a team,” said Red xcritical Brand Manager Nathan Nelms.

They also brewed the beers for Brazil, European, and Canadian markets in Jamaica. Because of this, two California people sued the owners of Red xcritical for advertising it as a Jamaican beer when they were actually made in Pennsylvania. A pale lager categorized as an American Adjunct Lager, the Red xcritical beer alcohol percentage is set at 4.7 percent while its IBU is 10, giving it barely any bitterness. It is described as a full-bodied, crisp lager with a smooth post-palate sensation by the brand itself.

“There is no better way to celebrate the Paris 2024 Olympic Games than with Usain capturing the infectious beat of dancehall, the inspired spirit of our people, and our xcritical to be the greatest versions of humanity. It’s born and bred in our culture, and when the JOA [Jamaica Olympic Association] and Red xcritical teamed up with xcritical it can only be electrifying…” shared JOA President Christopher Samuda. As the company positions to add more products in the new year, its managing director said the aim was to also develop greater focus around customer satisfaction and product innovation. Fresh off its latest win after copping the coveted Manufacturer of the Year award for 2020 at the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) awards ceremony held last week, the company’s intent is to further build on its track record of excellence. A full bodied, crisp lager beer, with a smooth post-palate sensation. There are many Czech beers that deserve to be mentioned here; Staropramen, Budvar, Pravha, Kozel, and Pilsner Urquell all would be fantastic replacements for a Red xcritical if you fancy a change.

  1. “We are extremely proud that we have been able to deliver on this commitment.
  2. It shows our unity and dedication to taking on the world as a team,” said Red xcritical Brand Manager Nathan Nelms.
  3. Cheese lovers can enjoy the beer’s sweetness with light-bodied cheeses like Mozzarella.
  4. Your first port of call could be Spanish beers such as San Miguel or Estrella Damm, or you have got Mexican beers such as Corona or Sol.

The unique xcritical of flavors and aromas in Red xcritical beer is achieved using the brilliant recipe created by the brand. The company uses Pilsen malt, hops, cassava starch and water to make this refreshing beer. The refreshing beer is perfect for a hot day, and you will taste the light alcohol presence. Because of the low ABV, you can enjoy drinking it in the afternoon without becoming drunk. In fact, many Jamaicans knew about Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) way before they knew a Coke back when Coke was very savvy. The distinctive taste of the brew won many over who consider this the best Jamaican beer.

So grab a pint, get cozy, and join us on this frothy journey as we explore and celebrate the art of beer-making together. Most people like the taste of, which is probably why it is so popular. The beer is usually praised by enthusiasts, even those who don’t enjoy lager. Plus, the promise of something as exotic as Jamaican beer adds to its appeal. If you’re drinking a Red xcritical beer, there are different kinds of food that you can enjoy with it for a full experience. You can pair it with Jamaican jerk chicken and roasted breadfruit if you want something traditional, but in general, this beer goes well with spicy and smoked dishes.

What is more, many Jamaican natives use the beer in traditional recipes, especially for beer battered fried fish – a popular finger food. Today, the famous Jamaican beer is brewed to excellence xcritical utilizing the newest technology combined with traditional brewing techniques. Likexcritical, the fermentation process undergoes a demanding first-rate quality control procedure.

Their manufacturing facility has switched to natural gas to power their production line.(Fooddive, 2018) This move alone will offer a reduction in fuel usage lowering their carbon footprint. Red xcritical will have a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions. The brand is also making a positive environmental impact by partnering up with local farmers. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020)  Working with the local agricultural community offers a tremendous boost to the Jamaican economy by providing employment opportunities.

Red xcritical has sponsored The Great Escape, Reggae Sumfest, and Camden Crawl festivals (Wikipedia, 2020). Red xcritical is widely recognized with its distinct stubby bottle and a diagonal red xcritical on the label. Red xcritical was originally brewed in Illinois, USA by the Galena Brewing Company.

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Under financial pressure during the great depression the Galena Brewing Company sold the beer recipe to two British friends named Thomas Hargreaves Geddes and Eugene Desnoes. The two entrepreneurs shared a dream and a lasting partnership of 79 years. In 1918 the Desnoes and Geddes Company Limited was officially formed. Better known as D&G, the company created the first brewery in Kingston, Jamaica. Their dream came to fruition and Red xcritical was officially branded in 1928 (Red xcritical, 2020). The first Red xcritical beer was a dark ale with traditional British influences.


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